Sign for a company showroom

The Maslowed part is the black sign in the middle. I used a product called Max-Metal which works beautifully with the Maslow. It consists of a layer of polystyrene sandwiched between 2 layers of .15mm aluminum. Comes in a lot of colors. I’m a signmaker so I have an account with GrimCo and get this for about 75 bucks a sheet.


turned out nice. What bit cuts the ACM? (aluminum composite panel) Eastern Metal also stocks this at reasonable prices. The paint on the aluminum isnt’ that durable, but for something without any contact like a sign it works.

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Wood router bit. Make sure it is sharp. I also has to go .05 inches past the depth of the material to get it to cut through. I keep corrugated plastic behind my materials to give me space between the working peice and the back of the machine.


are those sold in 4x8 sheets?

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Yep. And some colors in 4x10.

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Great job James! Super creative choice in material. I might have to look into using some of that on my future projects. How is it structurally? Is it pretty much like stiff foam board?

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It is like gator board but with aluminum on the outside. Extremely lightweight but still rather stiff. Great for signs but I probably won’t be trying any other structures with it.

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How does it do in the sun… is the outer board uv treated?

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Haven’t tried it in the sun. They make an outdoor version of this though.

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Throw some LED light strips behind that sign… LEDs seem to take projects to another level most of the time.

Seriously. That would be a huge statement. But they were in a time crunch and didn’t give me enough notice for that. Next time Gadget, Next TIME!!!


What kind of bit did u use one that sign?

Regular wood bit.