My second project - Motocross Wall "Art"

Just a little project I made for my dad. I’m probably going to polish it a little more and add a clear coat to preserve the shine some. This is my second cut with the Maslow and I’ve definitely got some more tuning and playing to do, but I think it came out pretty decent…this is my first time ever using epoxy and coloring though, so that was a bit of a steep learning curve.

Future notes for using epoxy and pockets:
Leave wider borders to prevent knocking them off
There is no need to go as deep as I did on the outer portion
Lighter colors require more color additive
Epoxy can leak through ply “layers”


After some down time due to our newborn arriving I finally got around to polishing the epoxy to finalize it!


That looks excellent! What kind of epoxy did you use? I recently saw a video of a guy touting ecopoxy although his claims were kind of proven to be false in the same video hahahah. I am hoping to have a lot of epoxy work in my future because it just looks so darn cool. Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you!

Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin - 16 Ounce Kit

This is the epoxy I used, and below is what I used for coloring. I didn’t do any research about the epoxy brands or colors, but both of these worked very well! I sanded, then wet sanded, and then polished after everything was said and done, but it laid very flat and smooth without having to do any of that.

Mica Powder – Soap Making Kit –…

Thank you for the links! A friend at work got me looking at the epoxy tables that people cast and it got me thinking more about epoxy. Of course, for things like signs or this plaque it’s a great way to add color.

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