M1 - Windows Laptop

I’m having to transition my Wecontrols RPI functionality over to a windows laptop. The RPI option is no longer feasible, laptop won’t be on network, I will just bring USB stick to laptop and use Webcontrols locally. Webcontrols is up and running on laptop, but not showing “connected” to M1. Is there a “Getting Started” doc somewhere?

Try looking here: Maslow Manual

If it is the original Maslow, then you will need to make sure you have the control board connected to your laptop via a USB cable. IIRC, the one I got had a really long USB cable to use. That’s the first step. Second step is tp make sure the Motor Shield is fully seated in the Arduino, and that the power cable is connected to the Motor Shield. If all that is correct, and you have it connected to the laptop, then you may need to install the Arduino Drivers. I am pretty sure all that is listed in the link above. That is where I would start looking.

If it doesn’t work, keep asking here on this topic and I am sure someone could help. As always, pics of your console window to report what is happening will always be helpful.


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