Webcontrol / WebMCP: connection issue

I wanted to make this it’s own topic so to help others troubleshoot webcontrol even though it’s still in beta

I can connect with my laptop to webMCP and start webcontrol but the webcontrol message only shows

“Is unavailable or in use and connecting”

Occasionally it shows “I’m connected!”

I’m unsure of what to do. I’m connected with the pi and Maslow board.


Once you launch webcontrol using webmcp, go to Port 5000 and you should see the webcontrol interface. Those messages you are reporting seem to be what shows on webmcp, correct?

correct, in webmcp

when I go into webcontrol I cant move the router sled, the commands do nothing from the webcontrol panel

Have you selected the comport (Settings->Maslow Settings) and do you see text in the controller messages section?

I didn’t find that menu so I’ll check that but the message panel shows It connect and then go into the message loop

I try to follow Ground Control as much as possible from a layout perspective to make it easy for people to transition… but if you are starting anew, then it might be a bit confusing. Maybe I need to come up with a Help/Getting Started page.

That would be awesome.

I was going to do documentation for it so other members at my makerspace can utilize the Maslow. We like documentation

I like documentation as well, I just hate doing it.


I need this as well, can you see about making a video of how to use this and
set it up?

David Lang

I think I got it connected now that it’s telling me the chain length is wrong.

I wish I knew what the 25% now 44% now 38% means

That’s just telling you cpu usage (usage of the core that’s being used the most)

The ‘latest’ release has some basic documentation for getting started.

I got it connected!!! It’s working ish!

Just getting that message about the chain lengths. I’ll go through the entire calibration process with it

Yeah, you probably need to set/reset the chain lengths. Take a look at the “Getting Started” under “Help” and tell me what you think.