M2 Upgrade Z Axis Depth

My first test cut on the M2 Upgrade and my Z Axis is digging way too deep. I believe this is caused by the difference in gears since before my maslow was attached directly to the Rigid Depth Screw, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what that ratio is supposed to be or where to set it.

Any advice?

Makerverse? You have to enter the z axis calibration information

Webcontrol, change z axis pitch to 8

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Webcontrol, and Oh boy did I get that one wrong!

My guess was 3:1 ratio so I used the guidance in the Meticulous Z instructions and set it to -24.

Thank you!!


It depends on the gearing for the belt on the motor. The screws are typically, but not always 8 mm per rev. I geared my meticulous with a 60 and a 20 tooth gear, but the m2 appears to have a 1:1 gearing.

I went with -8 and it went 2x deeper than anticipated (on a test piece of scrap) reaching 18mm depth in 3x 3mm passes so I think I’ll need to halve it.

Worse case I’ll tear it down and count teeth but you got me on the right track!

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I just use a micrometer and move and measure