Z-axis turns at twice the pitch setting

Hi all. After lurking in the forums for some time, I finally bought a kit and have my Maslow calibrated and running! :+1: As a test I thought I would cut the Maslow logo from 3/4" foam board. I changed the profile depth to 0.8" in MakerCAM, and while GC displayed a finished Z depth of 0.8, the final depth was actually only cut to about 0.6". Apparently my router’s fine adjust was bottoming out at 0.6", so I pulled the spindle from the base and started measuring the amount of travel and found that when I tell it to raise/lower 1mm it actually moves a little over 3mm. Anyone have any idea why that might be? BTW, my router (Bosch 1617evs) has a Z-Axis pitch of 1.5mm/rev. Is the 3mm travel a multiple of my pitch in settings or is is some holdover from the default of 3.17mm?

Did you change the Z-Axis Pitch in settings to 1.5 mm/rev? Just making sure I understand… If so, I’m pretty sure people have successfully changed their Z-Axis pitch by doing that.

Yes, actually I had to enter -1.5 since the Bosche fine pitch shaft rotates opposite the Rigid router.

Any chance it’s really something other than 1.5 mm / rev (trying to figure out what value would work)

Is this a plunge base? manual says each revolution is 1/32-inch … 0.7938 mm / rev… but then again, how would you use a plunge base?

I’ve got it sorted out now! The connector on the z-axis moter wasn’t fully seated. I pulled it out and plugged it back in (all the way this time) and everything is working beautifully! Thanks for taking time to help me out with this @madgrizzle ! This is a great community!