M4 belt extend fail

I finished assembly with my M4. I had a little bit of belt hanging out, so I fired it up and retracted the belts individually. They still did not retract all of the way, so I extended them one at a time and retracted them one at a time. On the first belt, I kept a little bit tension on the wind up and it retracted fully on the second belt I did not keep any on the wind up, and it did not retract fully on the third belt I kept tension on the belt and it retracted fully. I then decided to go back to the second belt to extend and retract it with tension so that it would wind up fully. I was unable to extend the belt. I was also unable to extend belts one or two. I could extend belt four so I did so, and stopped at about halfway and then tried to re-extend and could not do so.

I unplugged and re-plugged to cycle the power no change. I tugged with enough force that I can see visual deformation of the plastic no change. On the two belts that had slack, I pushed them back in to pull them back out no change.

What did I do wrong and how do I get the belts back out?

I’m not exactly sure where you went wrong, but it seems like there is generally a lot of confusion around that step so I’m editing a video walk through of the calibration process right now. There may be some bugs in the software that we can fix, but I think that the instructions are not clear enough and that’s the biggest issue right now. Let me see if this video helps answer your question.

That would be great.

I have the error that I cannot extend the belts until all 4 axis are calibrated.

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How do I clear this error?
“Cannot extend all until all axis are homed”

I believe I put myself into a Catch-22 situation by extending the belts, and then retracting the belts. It seems I should’ve calibrated in between.

No, you didn’t do anything wrong. That should be totally OK. I think that to clear that error you should just be able to retract the belts. If they’re already retracted all the way then nothing will really happen, but the machine will know the belts are all the way in.

That did it!

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I’m sorry that there aren’t more clear instructions. I promise that I’m working on making things more clear as quickly as I can :grinning:

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