Extend all failing to release all belts

UPS arrived this afternoon so I got to work building 'Luke" our m4. All went well , firmware updated to 0.66.3 and I was able to retract all belts after increasing /Maslow_Retract_Current_Threshold to 1800.

Now im trying to extend the belts and it’s not going so well. I cant pull on the belts without extreme force. I was able to do this to loosen a few mm but it wont extend any further.

If I push the belt in , it unwinds a little which I can then pull out another few mm of belt but this doesnt feel right and also seems to be causing the belts to overlap/get tangled.

Any ideas?

It seems that editing the config using the web interface may be buggy. I was getting error 152 , until I manually uploaded the Maslow.yaml again.

After hard powering off , both the left belts were able to extend. Neither on the right would extend.

After powering off again, the bottom right belt (and the two left belts) were able to extend normally.

The right top belt is not able to extend still unless I push it in , and then it lets me take out the distance I’ve pushed it in.

I thought I just have reversed the encoder ir something,., but this is exactly the same behaviour all arms were exhibiting before I fixed the config file issue and they’re working fine now…

Another hard power off and its allowing all belts to extend, and the calibration appears to be running fine now.


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Did you both click “Set” on the items you changed and use the “save” button on the config panel here?

This should restart the esp32 after saving the file, and has been working for me as I work through values in calibration.

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Yup I did. Unfortunately I didnt grab a copy of the broken config before re-uploading the new one so I cant be much help debugging it.

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Very :grinning:

If it crops up again let us know so we can figure it out. I haven’t run into that behavior before.

Updated to latest firmware this morning and it’s doing it again. Retract all was fine , but extend isnt letting any of the belts loose. If I push the belts inwards I can retract that same distance.

belts.rtf (1.1 KB)

Doesnt appear to be anything off in the logs, and the config looks correct (has my 400x2500 frame size values still)

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Tried the dirty 1000mm firmware with fresh Maslow.yaml just for the sake of trying something different and still cant get any of the belts to extend unless I push them in a bit first , then it’ll let me take out that amount (plus whatever was already out)

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This is all after last night running a successful 4x6 calibration, so I don’t think it’s hardware related… but I wouldn’t put it past me to have stuffed something up :slight_smile:

Fitness: 0.6223601347759948 in 31900 cycles

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This seems interesting to me.

Can you try running the self test function on [quote=“bar, post:42, topic:20215”]

That might tell us something

Serial Messages
[GC:G0 G54 G17 G21 G90 G94 M5 M9 T0 F0 S0]
[MSG:INFO: Channel auto report interval set to 50 ms]
[GC:G0 G54 G17 G21 G90 G94 M5 M9 T0 F0 S0]
[MSG:INFO: Caution: Unlocked]
Index.html Version: 0.66
[MSG:INFO: Firmware Version: 0.66]
[MSG:INFO: Motor detected on Top Left]
[MSG:INFO: Encoder connected on Top Left]
[MSG:INFO: Magnet detected on Top Left]
[MSG:INFO: Motor detected on Top Right]
[MSG:INFO: Encoder connected on Top Right]
[MSG:INFO: Magnet detected on Top Right]
[MSG:INFO: Motor detected on Bottom Left]
[MSG:INFO: Encoder connected on Bottom Left]
[MSG:INFO: Magnet detected on Bottom Left]
[MSG:INFO: Motor detected on Bottom Right]
[MSG:INFO: Encoder connected on Bottom Right]
[MSG:INFO: Magnet detected on Bottom Right]```
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Well it tells us that everything is fine :no_mouth:

Are you using the rocking motion to make them extend? It might take being a bit aggressive with them