M4 Router Be Gone (installed the spindle)

M4_SpindleSleeveOuter.stp (14.8 KB)

This is the outer sleeve. It is very basic.

And here’s the inner sleeve to go around the spindle
M4_SpindleSupport.stp (428.5 KB)


That’s a budget decision :slight_smile: but everybody I know that’s gritted their teeth and sprung for one has said yes. It’s an ongoing discussion in another 30K member venue I hang out in. Smoother, quieter, higher RPM (mostly for the small bit crowd), more even power, reliable, and did I mention quieter?

Of course I suffer from polyrouterism and use mostly trim routers (3 of them, 2 real and one clone Makita, plus whatever ends up in the V4) and earplugs for mostly cost reasons, but I do keep saying I should get a 65mm (same as the Makitas) 800 or 1500w spindle for one of them.

A key decision making factor is that a CNC router is abusing your ears for hours, while a manual router is usually minutes at a time :wink:

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True, but a manual router is (hopefully) not much further from your ears than the length of your arms when it is running, so it’s not quite apples to apples.

Having got it working, and a cheap 500w spindle at that, it is soooooooo much better.

So much quieter, so much smoother, even though it’s a cheap one.

I have two M4s already (officially one is just for spare parts). I also suffer from polyrouterism. But I’m now definitely all in on el-cheapo spindles being the correct choice before a trimmer/router.

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Yes, and I saw that the max rpm is only 12000, so it is also more in our range of cutting speeds
The last time I saw it on Temu, it was only 30 euro’s. Just looked at it now: 92 euro’s…

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They are available on Bangood and also Aliexpress about £60 so 70ish euro’s
Machifit ER11 Chuck CNC 500W Spindle Motor with 52mm Clamps and Power Supply Speed Governor

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So before this amazing spindle adapter idea got posted, I ordered a Dewalt DWP611 from the US, which has since gone missing at UK Customs, and I don’t think the supplier is keen on sending another one.

My plan was to avoid any need for early customization work. I just wanted to be up and running as fast as possible, and having never done anything like CNC before I wanted to keep it simple.

Now even if I go for a UK available alternative router, I have things that need customization, so I am thinking maybe a spindle isn’t too complicated?

Based on posts above, Brushless seems like a good move so how complicated would it be to set up the one in the link below?

Would 600w be powerful enough?

And does anyone have any experience with this particular spindle or brand?

that spindle looks like it should work, it will be in the ballpark of the same
power as the trim routers that are the default.

the fact that it’s 600w and 9000 rpm seems like a better fit for the maslow

Thanks for finding this.

David Lang

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Any idea how hot these things get. Would PLA work for a 3D printed sleeve

I believe that people have been using PLA

David Lang

My 500w spindle gets somewhere over 50 degrees C, but not much over it. Still that’s close to PLA’s initial 60 C limit, before any annealing.

But I also ran several short cuts with it when I first got things set up, with long breaks in between, and I strongly suspect that I inadvertently annealed the PLA, which is a good thing of course.


I used to have one of those on my CNC router…
They work fine. The preload system leaves a lot to be desired, but then I wanted to cut Aluminum!
I suggest setting your sleeve up so that it uses fingers touching the motor housing, so there is room for air to pass over the actual motor surface.
The fan doesn’t work very well, but the heating isn’t bad either.
I think you will be pretty happy with it. Certainly quieter than the usual trim router!
If you can find it, shielded cable for the motor would be smart!

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