Maslow build with ring kit, C-Beam z-axis (with air-cooled spindle), and frame on wheels

It took me a while but I’ve finally got my Maslow up and running - first (very simple) cuts were mostly a success. Some minor calibration issues to address, but very happy so far.

I built a z-axis from an OpenBuilds C-Beam kit and cheap 400W spindle, and a custom frame on wheels with sheet storage on-board. In case it helps anyone else, here’s some images of the build (ignore the very bad cable management!).

I decided on the spindle rather than the simpler router because I’m in Australia and the none of the available options seemed ideal. I had issues fitting a Makita plunge router around the ring kit, even with handles removed, and it was pretty loud. The spindle is much quieter, which my neighbours appreciate.

Cable management issues aside, the wheeled frame allows me to move it around the garage as needed. Plus it can store full-size sheets on-board. The spindle power supply and controller are mounted inside (difficult to see), and aren’t exactly safe from an electrical standpoint at the moment - some exposed parts which are live in operation. I’m working on a better, enclosed solution, but for now all the dangerous parts are inside the frame and not easy to accidentally access. The frame was built with simple woodworking tools, and without a detailed plan, but luckily seems OK.

The 250mm C-Beam kit is a little taller than necessary, but light enough it doesn’t matter. I’ve seen some 3d printed adapters people have made for the motor mount, but I just turned the L-bracket upside down and drilled/tapped some M3 holes in the back of the top plate to secure it. Simple, and works so far. I used an OpenBuilds universal spindle mount, which took a little work to actually attach to the gantry plate. In the long-term, I may have issues with vibration here.

Overall, the weight might be a little low and I’m considering adding a couple more weight plates. But I’ll do a few more cuts before making a decision on that.

I’d add more images but apparently one is all I can do for now.




with a stock 12rpm z axis motor, using a 8mm lead screw would make it about 4x faster vs a 2mm lead screw.
you can put a 2x4 sticking out from the top center about 16" so your electrical cables don’t accidently get cut by the router.
looks good overall! I have used both 150mm and 200mm tall z axis c beams, the 150mm works fine, but the 200mm gives more clearance. have fun.


Great idea about the cables, thanks!

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@wombat Love your setup. Where did you get your spindle?

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It was an eBay special - very cheap, and might not last, but working for now.

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Have been sitting on a kit and wanting to incorporate a spindle. Few more weeks of exams and the uni period over for another year I’ll get stuck into the build

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I researched Chinese spindles a lot. While most of them advertise as being brushless, most of them actually have brushes. The brushless one is 500W and is 52mm diameter.
The ones that do have brushes are hidden on inside.
If you do use a spindle I’d recommend the 52mm brushless one, which are only about $30, but by the time you add the controller and power supply the price is over $100

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Hi @wombat,

I’m based in Perth Western Australia and just looking to do the same setup as yours.

Have you had any issue with the setup after further use?

Just wondering if something like this would be suitable for the setup?

CNC 400W Air cooled Spindle.

3D Printer Z-Axis Lead Screw 150Mm T8 Z Axis Diy C-Beam Cnc Sliding Table 4080U.