M4 with a different router

No chance of getting a Dewalt whatever here, but I do have a collection of trim routers, including 2 Kzubr something or others, which I used with my old Maslow.

But they both have the power cable coming straight out the back. So one got modified

This was really easy to do once the power cable was disconnected (one screw and one solder connection internally) and then using the step drill to make a 16mm hole immediately below the original hole. Jam the rubber cable tube thingo back in there, rewire, and we’re good.

They look suspiciously like the Makita M3700 I saw a couple of days ago.

But yeah, a dewalt something specific PCB mount was not going to work.

So I went through some prototypes, starting with an absolute minimum one, just to get some plastic to sit well on the back of the PCB. Followed by additional work to convert that to a spider (face-hugger?) that will clip onto the modified Kzubr.

To finally get something that definitely doesn’t look like the Dewalt something version

Here’s the spider/face hugger on the router (and mostly assembled M4)

Add a little PCG MSG

And Done


Your ‘spider face hugger’ print looks like high quality SLA!
I need to do something similar for Kobalt face.