MakerCam and Easel question

I am attempting to set up the final sled and Meticulous Z axis cuts. I have tried using both Easel and MakerCam. So far both programs will only give me g-code for the 1/4" bit portions and give me nothing for the 1/8" mounting holes. What am I missing as both programs give me multiple tool options?


Did you select all of the tool paths?

I did select all the tool paths and verified in MakerCam that all were present prior to creating the g-Code. In Easel I tried just creating 2 files one with the cuts and one with the pilot holes, but it would not create tool paths for the pilot holes. I am going to go back into the file and ensure the holes are 1/8" diameter. Is there a separate function for just a plunge hole vs just the inside path option? I have not tried the separate file on Makercam yet. Was curious if there was a separate function I needed to add if having a tool change?

It shows all the cuts and hole in Easel in the material preview but does not assign any g-code path to the pilot holes

If all fails create them separate. Easy to ‘stitch’ together with a text editor. Although with tool-change you might even want them separate.

can you provide the svg (with the holes that aren’t getting g-code) or us to play with?

Yes but I wont get to them until later today…(in radio voice, and can you name the movie reference…?) Stand by…Stand by…

(just realized that my laptop is the same computer as the one used with maslow…sigh) So here is the svg file…and pdf. full%20cut%20file5 full cut file.pdf (17.6 KB)

Hmm, your svg does not appear to have come through

Yeah every time I try attaching it only an partial image shows up and does not actually look attached…

should just be file upload correct?

two questions, are you using the upload icon in the reply window? (if so, are you attaching a file or putting in a web address)
and are you new to the forums? It takes a while for new users to be able to upload images. This shouldn’t be the issue, though, since you attached the PDF

Typically when I have a problem with a tool path in easel it is because my tool is too large a diameter for the hole. If you are wanting a 1/8" hole, then your tool could be 1/8" it needs to be just smaller, so try putting in 1/16" or 2mm something smaller than your hole diameter and see if that generates your tool path.

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I am using the upload button in the reply window and attaching the svg file from my desktop (only shows a partial image of the file instead of the actual file. Have posted images before both using upload and drag and drop method.


pdf. works fine just not the svg…trying to load a zip with both to see if that works

svg and (28.1 KB)

I will try using a smaller tool and see

Or pack it in a .zip

When I import your SVG into easel when I have the 1/8" bit it will not cut the smaller holes when they are set to “fill”. However, if I go to a 2mm bit then it shows back up as a cut. When those holes are set this way they are showing as being .124". In this picture I found that the smallest hole easel will make a tool path for is .132 which you can see in this picture is populated on the right. However, the hole below it is not populated because it is at .124"Hole%20Size

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Awesome, I will proceed with adjusting the pilot holes. I am only sinking them .2 inches as I only need them to locate where I am mounting the screws.

Thanks, for the assistance

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the svg is there, you just can’t see it because the forum software tries to show it inline, but if someone clicks on that blank space in your post and drags it to their desktop, the svg will download.

And as far as makercam goes, if the holes are the same size as the bit, you should be doing a drill operation.

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The moral to the story. CNC is not meant to use an 1/8th inch cutter to make an 1/8th inch hole. Cutters are meant to make chips. The general rule is the cutter should be no larger than 2/3 the size of the hole you are making. The cutter has to make an oscillating path, that is impossible if the cuter and the hole are the same diameter. It will and does end badly. This is because we are using End mills, cutters , bits. Drills are not mills and Mills are not Drills. Mills are designed for lateral loads, drills do vertical loads. The optional way to do this is use a 3D cad/cam capable of drilling operations to do peck drilling. This will require a proper tool change, if you use the wrong tool at the wrong time you will likely brake one or many tools.

I hope this information is helpful.

Thank you


So what you are saying is that I cannot just simply plunge a hole into the material, it has to be an actual path that it can follow. Simple enough.

Thanks for all the help. Now if I can only get the free time to cut the dang thing!!!

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