Tabs in makercam

Ok, I am working on another cut. I told makercam to put tabs in. But while watching Maslow cut, I am seeing no signs of the tabs be left in.

I left it be the default, 5" apart and. 25 x. 25

I did not see a visual representation of them. And in watching now… They were not present in the gcode.

the tabs will only affect how the maslow cuts for the last layer of the cut.

You add the tabs after you’ve done the calculate step, right? After you open the file in GroundControl, you can see each place with a z-axis movement as a red circle. The tabs should show up there.

Yes, I calculated all, then selected my outside cut and told makercam to add in tabs. I then exported out and loaded into GC. Zooming in, I do not see any tab cuts.

I did get it setup now to cut the letters out first then the outside shape. So at least I should get a good cut this next attempt.

I have had a lot of troubles getting tabs to work in makercam, and probably works to add them 1 out of every 5 svg I try to add them.

Try Easel by Inventables. Make an account, then use the online software. It saves all your work and you can split projects into different pages and create a gcode for each piece. The tabs are put in automatically on a ‘through cut’. you can move them around to put them on your work where you want them. Just click and drag them. You can import SVG or make you own drawings with the tools available. The gcode runs great with Ground Control.


You need to tell MakerCAM how far apart to put the tabs, not how many. Use the diameter of what you’re cutting to get 3 (pi is pretty close to 3, plus didn’t a state have a law to make it 3?)

It doesn’t allow for your bit size, so add one bit diameter to the tab width to allow for the radius on both sides.

Iirc you subtract the tab thickness (I like around a sister that) from the work thickness for the depth over the tab. There’s a short YouTube video (it’s not just for cats anymore!) on tabs in makercam

@Blsteinhauer88 I haven’t build my machine yet, but like the look of Easel, any tips for using it with maslow, settings etc? Can start a new topic maybe :grinning:

I’m not always online when I want to work on my design so it is nice to have something that I can run locally.

It’s really easy, set the bit, set the thickness, I always at about 1or2 hundredths to the material thickness to make sure I get through. Then up on the menu in machine, click on advanced, and you can generate and download your Gcode. The Gcode runs in GC nicely. No issues for me.

You can edit points in the design by double clicking on a line in the design window. It has a 3d view of the cut. I suggest also clicking the simulate in lower right. If you then hit the ‘hide material’ you can see the cuts/toolpaths it creates. This way you can see if words or lettering/numbers are fully being cut, or smaller details.

I recommend watching Mo, her tutorials are sometimes long, but easy instruction. They sell compatible materials and bits through the site, and the projects are shareable with others. There is a projects area that you can cut and change other projects to suit your needs. Play with it and have fun.

Try this little deco, cut it or add to it if you like.

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Yes, then Easel won’t work for that. I have used it also to just generate Gcode from an svg design when ready to run it. It is more reliable than Makercam in my opinion.

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I get the message “this project has not been shared publicly” :confused:

Try now, Sorry

That did it, thanks!

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Is there a way to choose where MakerCam starts the cut?

As far as I know there is not :slightly_frowning_face:

I know I’m digging up an old thread, but I want to thank you for suggesting Easel! I have been struggling to decide which CAM program to start learning, and since I am new to this type of software, I wanted something that was beginning friendly. This looks like it fits the bill! One thing I’m confused about that I’m hoping you can shed some light on…

By default, Easel has the bit size set at 1/8". I loaded up the AllParts.svg of the Maslow Parks, and started deleting some of the unneeded bits (numbers, etc). However, when I changed the bit size from 1/8" to 1/4", it looks like it might affect the final size of my pieces.

Here I am zoomed in on a part with the bit size set at 1/8 inch:

And here it is after setting the bit size to one quarter of an inch:

Do you notice how the line is now closer to the grid on the graph paper? Would not make my piece smaller?

That is the path the center of the bit follows, when you use a larger bit, it
needs to have a path further out from where the part is going to be as more
material is being removed.

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It looks like Easel lets me specify whether I want the bit to go on the inside, center, or outside of the path. I would guess that Outside is the correct choice.

I’m just trying to figure out the process for using Easel to convert an SVG to GCode, since it seems nicer to use than MakerCam, and also has some nice drawing functions.

In Easel, use the Machine menu and look for the small ’ Advanced ’ in the lower corner of the dialog. It will reveal ‘Generate G-Code’ and when that’s complete ‘Export G-Code’ will be available.