[Solved] Cam and cutting the sled

So i’m trying to figure out how to turn this sled svg file into a gcode file and i’m failing miserably.
Makercam won’t let me select more than one thing at a time, so I can’t even complete the first step on the tutorial. Also, half the time when I try to select something with makercam I accidentally move it, so that’s extremely unhelpful.

Fusion 360? I have no idea how to use it yet, am I supposed to extrude the svg paths and then cut them away ??? I tried following the tutorials, but they’re all about creating new objects, not importing objects that already exist as svg files.

This is very frustrating. Is there any reason that you don’t just include the gcode for the sled? Or at least instructions on how to make the gcode from a svg that actually work?

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Sorry I can’t help with Makercam. The reason why most files do not have a ready gcode is that bit diameter and material thickness need to match your setup and is often not the same.
You could give http://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/ a try but also here you need to watch 2 or 3 videos to get started.

Makercam on youbooze:


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So I just downloaded the final sled zip file from the assembly guide. extracted all and then opened the folder Maslow ring system master, there are sub folders in there. There are 2D sled drawings and one labeled Gcode. I opened the svg file sled with toolpaths in maker cam and it is ready for you to calculate all and export the gcode. it was setup for 1/4 inch bit and 3/4 inch material. There is also a folder labeled gcode and from the name it appears to be setup for 1/4 bit and 3/4 material also. hope this helps.


I tried opening the “sled with toolpaths” file in makercam, but there are no drill operations, only profiles and pockets. Will this cause issues?

Another quick question: once you’ve added tabs to a path in makercam, is there any way to remove them, or do I have to restart from the beginning? I ended up with 20 tabs around the outside of the sled, and I cant figure out how to get rid of the extra ones.

Also, I figured out what my problem with makercam was yesterday. I was attempting to use it in Firefox. Apparently it doesn’t work well in Firefox (can’t select multiple things at the same time, very twitchy with the selection). However it does work well enough in Chrome.

To answer my own question about getting rid of extra tabs, in case anyone else was wondering, if you drag them on top of each other perfectly, they will combine into a single tab. It might take a few tries to get them to merge, but if you’re careful it can be done.

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Hi! When I got into the Maslow, I was most concerned about learning the software. About the time my kit shipped, the following showed up on the forum…

For me, Easel is a great starting point to figuring out the world of CAD/CAM… if you follow this video tutorial, you will get what you need. And the program is easy to use for a lot of basic 2d design work.

Keep us posted!

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