MAKERCAM not working

Has anyone had problems logging into MAkercam?


I downloaded a copy if the files when the original link stopped working from Github and had been running it (off line) for months no issue for me. I would recommend running it off line, like I did, if you have connectivity issues. My Maslow is located where I have no internet :slightly_frowning_face:

I stopped using Makercam a month or so back when I had problems with and have recently spend the money to purchase Estlcam. I used the free version (Estlcam) and like it so much I purchased a copy (I never found any limitations in the free version with the stuff I doing).


How much does it cost?

Makercam is free.

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estlcam is about $59.00 US

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I believe Makercam is down due to fiber optic cable damage from construction digging down stream form the servers location. It is estimated to take a few days to get repaired.

It should come back up.

Thank you

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Would you be willing to share the setup configuration for the maslow with ESTLCAM? I just had a look and it looks vastly superior. I’d say worth every penny from what it looks like.

I will.try to send you screen shots tomorrow from work. Fairly simple, the only important thing was to set the cnc program language to GRBL. The rest was units to work in, milling convention, night above piece.

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A few screen captures of my setting. Not sure they are correct, but have been working for me.

Note the tool setting on bottom. I added the #6 and 7 tools

My “basic settings”

My “CNC Program settings”


Thank you! I look forward to trying it out!

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