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MakerCam Not Loading correctly


Anyone have problems with MakerCam not loading on the page correctly? I can only see a small portion of the work area at a time. Makes is impossible to use the software because I can’t see the windows when inputting the cutting numbers. This just started a couple of days ago.


makercam is a flash app, so check your flash setup.

David Lang


I had same issue. All the javascript libraries are attempted to be loaded using http while the main page is https. This is blocked by the browser because its not secure. I don’t know readily know a fix. I tried but it redirected to https. This stuff isn’t my strong suit.



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Jatt, that looks to be working correctly. What is this URL?


it’s the most recent version of makercam, from the github page. i threw it up there for people to use because the version has some bugs.

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Awesome, thanks! I looked for the GitHub project but couldn’t find it. You have a URL for it?


My maslowmakercam link is running the version found at

which is a fork that fixes a crash / display issue in the latest version of

that fixes a bug in the metric code where metric gcode output had 6 digits after the decimal place, causing problems for software that was parsing it in the version.

Unfortunately, with the imminent demise of flash, the developers don’t appear to be maintaining the project anymore, so I decided to upload it for people using the maslow who still desire to use it. @bar is working on a custom application that combines cad and cam for maslow users, and hopefully that will be finished before flash is completely eliminated from most mainstream browsers, but until he’s done with it, makercam is the easiest way for some people to get into basic cad/cam for use with their maslows :slight_smile:

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