Maslow 4 arm "Screwed"

So, I’ve been working in the Maslow 4 arms today and all went ok with the first 3.

On the 4th, I had several issues trying to engage the screw in the captive nut under the circuit board during final assembly steps. I took everything apart to double check I did not put the nylock nut upside down. It still didn’t help.

I started taking the arm apart for the second time to add a nut or some sort of spacer to hold the nylock nut closer to the end. However, one of the screws on motor is now stripped because of the force to overcome the thread locker each time I disassembled.

Now I am stuck with no way to remove the circuit board and motor to help address the captive nylock nut. I don’t think I can get the motor screw out without accidentally damaging other parts.

I’m don’t have reasonable path forward that is not risky.

Any suggestions?

If you need any parts replaced we can send you replacements.

I’ve run into something similar before and I’ve found that sticking the Allen wrench into the hole where the bolt goes and jiggling it around works well to get that nut oriented the right way if it’s rotated

Hi Bar,

Thank you for the offer! I decided to try one more time and got it this time. So, I’m pressing forward. Hopefully, there is no reason to have to take it all apart. Since I’ll have that stuck screw to deal with.

Will spare parts be available on the site in the future, just in case?


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Yes, we’re working on getting spare parts up on the website soon.

The trick is finding a way to do it so that it’s not possible to skip the line by just ordering the whole kit as spare parts :smiley:

On these I used a little drop of superglue to hold them into the recess - it stops them moving about and it will break away as soon as you put any real force on but certainly makes it easier to start with.

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