Recommend a current C channel and plate?

So I suck at planning apparently lol, despite haunting the forums for a while.
I bought the @EastBaySource Maslow, and their Makita router adapter thinking I’ll upgrade to a z axis…one day. Then I buy the Makita RT0701C router.
It dawns on me today, it doesn’t come with a base, so I guess that day arrived early lol. Any suggestions on which z axis c channel? I’ve seen a few on AliExpress/Alibaba but not sure which critical dimensions or features I need.

There are some good maslow add-ons that you can get 3D printed on thingiverse. Such as c-beam brackets and a Makita router clamp. Search maslow, router clamp

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Ok thanks! I’ll check those out. I don’t have a 3d printer yet, but my library prints off stuff quite cheaply, probably cheaper than the filament and saves me farting around with settings.

Roy at EastBaySource suggested I check out the wooden meticulous setup or make something out of 2040. I did buy the EBS Makita adapter, so that’s one less thing to source. I haven’t found any plans yet of a 2040 setup, still digging.
I think I’ll probably just hand make an ugly but functional version of a wooden z axis with a steel guide rail set to get me going, kind of like the first temp sled. Then I can cut a new proper z axis afterwards and remount the rail set with a new sled too.

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The 2040 is just the c beam setup

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Ah gotcha thanks

Here is a post with the bigger plate for the c beam set up. As mentioned by metalmaslow that it’s more stable than the smaller plate. It is a setup that he sold.

Disclaimer, I have a custom z axis that was already on the used maslow I bought. So, I do not have this setup so I can’t provide any first hand experience. But looking through the forums it seems alot of people use it.