Maslow cut teardrop trailer

I’ve just made the my first cuts into building a small teardrop trailer to pull behind a vehicle. It will be the first big project I have undertaken with Maslow and thought I ought to share some of the process it with the community. Although the design is heavily influenced by existing products, I have CADed all components entirely.

Here’s a relatively old picture of the teardrop assembly.

Hopefully will be making good progress over the weeks to come and can keep this updated. Although new to having an account I have been keeping up with projects here and am excited to finally be a part of the discussion!


The firsts cuts are made!


NICE! I plan on building one too once I get my calibration down. Can’t wait to see your progress.


Also going to build one. Maybe I’ll wait till you get it perfected :thinking: :wink: :grin:


are you going to make the trailer metal base frame yourself and weld it all up?


I wish! I have little welding experience and this project seemed a little high risk to try my own inexperienced welding for. So I’m having a custom welded trailer built from a shop nearby.


you can probabaly just get a barebones on from northerntool or similar place? good luck.

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Lowes has them for around $1800. If you build one, you’re probably going to have to get it inspected by the state and most home made trailers fail inspections, plus, it’s better to have one already built that can pass DOT and is strong enough to hold the weight.

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If you haven’t spent the money on a trailer yet, you can pick up on from Harbor Freight for under $350 - a 4x8 DOT certified trailer. They have a couple different versions, which seem to be differentiated by their towing capacity. I got the biggest one which will hold 1,700lbs. Then just drill and bolt on. If your interested, search “Harbor freight digital savings” and you can always get a 20% coupon; if you are patient you can find 25% off coupons if you signup for their ads, that’s how I got the price down to $350. Additionally, you do have to assemble it and its heavy (not heavy for a trailer, but not a box of Kleenex either) I’m BIG and I had to think twice about moving it around; but assembling is rewarding and its a great little trailer.


Vivo en Argentina, en la patagónia norte, precisamente en Neuquén y estoy viendo la posibilidad de construir una de estas máquina justamente por que mi proyecto es además de jugar con las máquinas hacer mi propia casilla rodante. Prometo adjunta una vez construida la máquina de cosrte subir y compartir mi diseño de casilla. Saludos a todo el grupo y sigan adelante. Saludos

Getting your home built trailer inspected isn’t that big of a deal, at least not in Colorado. I’ve gotten 3 trailers of the home built variety “inspected”. The state trooper gives it a once over for roadworthiness and sends you on the way. And anyways, if anyone here wants a 4 or 5 x 8 trailer for $1800 I’d be more than happy to spend a weekend putting one together :slight_smile:


harbor freight stopped selling trailers online and I saw one store clearancing them out. Rumor has it the tires had some DOT issues. Too bad they made a good starter base for many projects from parade floats to trailers to micro homes.

I have been dreaming of doing something like this since getting my Maslow. Unfortunately it is still in the box but I think I may have found the moves to make to get more room. I look forward to following your progress!

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Alright big update! I wanted to make real progress before adding and that took longer than expected!

I’m providing a selection of pictures as to not overwhelm but can provide more on process (to an extent) if requested.

Here is one of the full exterior wall cutouts:

Gluing together 3/4in supporting members for inner wall. This one is for the door. I had to get creative when I ran out of clamps.

Laying out wall interior members.

First layer of insulation and crack fill.

Finished interior wall.

My custom built trailer, 5x8 ft, 15" hubs with Dexter torsion axles, electric brakes and electric breakaway control unit.

Holes for mating with wall. Drilling holes in these steel channels was incredibly time consuming and required high speed steel bits that had to be bought online. Sub floor can also be seen.

Wood strip was easier to put on the trailer and then attach to the wall for final fit.

Two freestanding walls! I can finally see the project happening!


Me gustaria mucho a visitar a Patagonia un dia, mi novia y yo somos escaladores de rocas y deseamos escalar alli un dia. Igual podriamos hacer un viaje bastante grande y traer la casilla rodante con nosotros jaja. Que tengas buena suerte constuyendo el tuyo!

Your making some major progress now. Keep it coming.

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I hope you are still working on this or it is done and you are enjoying it! Thanks for the update since my last posting!