Teardrop Trailer build

In the spirit of the shelter project, has anyone built or tried to build a self contained teardrop style trailer using the maslow? Mine arrives soon, I hope. Anyone seen any cnc plans that could be modified. The maslow seems tailor made for this project.

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If you consult the great Googlian Oracle (no, not the yacht guy’s database company, the “do no evil” one) with “teardrop trailer dxf” they will offer a host of suggestions. Seems to be a popular option.

Looks like a fun project

Thanks, I’ll have a look there.

Let us know how it works out

check out CLCBoats.com they have a teardrop build from kit or plans, along with a pile of cool boats and kayaks. Most all designs are stitch and glue, plywood + epoxy + fiberglass.


You could try the ones here as a start: http://teardropbuilder.com/wyoming-woody-teardrop-cnc-files

Impressive showroom. I knew there was a reason our daughter’s trying to get us to move to Maryland

the Eastern Shore is “the UP of Maryland” =) (replying only as the link hit ‘popular link’ apologies @mooselakefor not seeing this earlier.)

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Bet we get more snow :grinning:

I just posted the teardrop camper SVG files on my webpage here:

I’ll add DXF versions later this week.



I love all the links in this thread. This is a project I’ve wanted to do for awhile.

My goal is to build a teardrop toy hauler similar to this:

I want to design a trailer in OpenSCAD so I can really get into the details and tweak sizes to fit specific cargo. I’ve started on a design but the math to get a nice, clean curve that’s fully parametric has been rough.

Start of the assembly:

Drawing a better outside profile:


Wow! This is an amazing site and the teardrop Trailer is super beautiful!

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