Maslow in a box - on wheels?

Just wondering whether anyone has done a Maslow in it’s own outside box/shed/extension. I have a big shop, but I use all the space as it is. It occurred to me to patch it on an outbuilding. While I scoff (politely) at using a CNC machine to build sheds and such, as long as we have lumberyards, A high design concept for an efficient implementation of a structure/frame would be worth copying and passing around.

It seems to me that there are two ways to go about this. One is some kind of Maslow sheltering hobbit hole, the other is a weather proof outdoor easel with well engineered mounting hardware, where you could on a suitable day, just clip on the hardware, and get to it, without having to re-calibrate the machine, if that seems plausible.

Taken a step further, having the easel mounted on a trailer so that one could go to the odd external job (in my case move it between my two properties), or to maker fairs, etc… But in my case, I could also then move the unit into my shop, or park it in my driveway.

Be the first to have an integrated portable Maslow/Teardrop trailer…

Mounting a wedge on a trailer that would support a piece of ply and the beam for the machine could be made more compact so that it simply folds over into a box shape.

Has anyone done anything like this so far, from just good system for mounting and remounting hardware onward?

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There are a number of people who have mounted a Maslow to the outside of a
trailer/bus/van. I don’t know if they leave the motors attached or not.

The problem you would have is in being accurate in your attachments. I designed
a motor mount that would make that more accurate (I’d have to hunt for it, I
think someone posted a link to it in the community garden recently)

David Lang

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I am mulling around a frame design that swings up flush with the ceiling of my garage. It will swing down into place with a boat trailer crank.


We’ve had pictures posted of someone doing this in the past.

This sounds like what I am planning to build in my basement. I was going to hang mine from the ceiling/floor joists.

I like the idea of the trailer crank. I have an old garage door motor I might use for mine.

If you come up with a decent plan, please share it!

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As soon as I get mine up and running and learn how to use it I am going to move it out of the cramped little corner of the basement and construct the space saving frame out in the garage. I thought the basement was my only option. My thoughts were that the cold New England weather was going to adversely affect it. Other members told me they work fine in the cold.