Maslow, holey, madgrizzle firmware - What is the difference?

I am a bit confused. What is the difference between these three firmware versions available from Github? Is one version faster or more accurate than the other?

Inquisitive minds want to know :slight_smile:


All only Arduino Mega

  • Maslow Firware, Original by Bar
  • Holey, a fork that seems to have proven that a different approach on calibration gives better results
  • (here I’m more or less guessing) @madgrizzle the Holey adjusted more for WebControl?

None of the 3 to be used on a Arduino DUE.


It was my understanding that the madgrizzle firmware variant was designed to have a camera watch the cuts and then do the calibration for you so you didn’t have to measure anything. it was experimental and I don’t know of anyone other than @madgrizzle who used it.

I remember an optical calibration with camera, yes. Did this end because it was hard to get accurate reference ‘posters’ printed?

Not really. It was requiring me to spend too much time in the shed to troubleshoot and each measurement iteration took 4+ hours. Got tired with it and moved on to other more interesting things.

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Is it safe to say there is no advantage over the original Maslow firmware, other than calibration? And the Holley firmware having a new working calibration, whereas the idea of the madgrizzle firmware was very cool, it isn’t usable, and it is not actively worked on?

Holey calibration firmware has new calibration model as well as a new kinematics model that accounts for catenary effects on the chain. The ‘madgrizzle/custom’ firmware shouldn’t be used by anyone. I just never got around to removing it from the software.

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Thanks for the clarification. Cool idea!

Thank you very much for the heads-up.