Dusting off my Maslow. What is the State of Things?

Being stuck at home more, I thought I could entertain myself by dusting off my maslow.

On the mechanical front I am still quite dated with an over the top chain setup and what I think may be the first Maslow linkage (it should be a museum piece). So I have to make a few small changes, but nothing too drastic. Also, I need a better z-axis, but using the original one isn’t too bad for a while.

On the software front, it looks like things have … diverged. Certainly very interesting how many ideas there have been, but a bit of an overwhelming landscape with so many options now.

So this will likely cause a lot of discussion. But the following is my understanding of everything. Please correct me where I am wrong:

  • GRBL/Due
    • Pros: Better velocity control, no need to use ground control. Very tempting to use a firmware largely maintained by a huge community (“grbl”).
    • Cons: Calibration refinement process seems lacking? Lacks the Holey improvements?
  • WebControl
    • Pros: Remote web based control, allows control from phone for example.
    • Cons: Not many, mostly lacking the Holey Software/Firmware stuffs
  • Holey Firmware/GroundControl
    • Pros: Improved calibration procedure, some additional location improvements such as ChainSag.
    • Cons: Diverges from standard firmware and groundcontrol.

I think I am inclined to go down the Holey road unless I am missing something.

I think you are inclined correctly with one exception which is that the holey calibration stuff is actually only in WebControl making that the best option at the moment in my opinion :grinning:

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hard to say since there aren’t any scientific comparisons between the DUE and the Webcontrol options. The DUE seems to be a lot more expensive and I dont’ know of anyone that owns both to test side by side, but that is what is really needed.

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okay, I completely missed that. That is helpful

Yeah, that seems like the constant underlying problem. And often even side-by-side testing gives mixed results.

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