Maslow inscribing letters at different depths

It’s the file with the extension *.nc.

I am planning to reduce the original the number of letters cut so see if I can replicate and I will provide the *.nc file. Not that I am protective of the file, it is a very large number of letters. Hopefully it will make it easier to decipher. You all seem super smart, do you mind if I ask a question that is off topic? I went out to do a normal cut (i.e. non inscription) and the z-axis went into super slow-mo speed and the display showed (MAN) mode, which I have never seen before (see photo). Any thoughts from this group? Should I start a different chat room topic?

We may all seem super smart, but that’s mostly because we’ve all made a ton of mistakes that you didn’t see.

By all means make a smaller file and try it out on the Maslow. If it still cuts the letters at different depths then (obviously) the problem is still present, and yes, it’s a little easier to trawl through a smaller file.

Regarding [MAN] mode in Z. I don’t actually know. The Maslow configuration has an option to specify if you do or do not have the Z-axis motor installed. If you do not have the motor installed (or if you have the option set to indicate you do not have it installed) then the software will prompt you to physically move the Z-axis up and down every time it needs to make a cut. Maybe your setting has been lost? Hopefully someone else can help more confidently, and maybe you should start a new topic specifically for this issue.

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Thanks Ame and all. As I tried to figure out the [MAN] thing, I somehow created a different problem and now I have no connection with ground control. Once I figure that out, I will be back to solve the letter depth problem.

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Dear Friendly Maslow Community,

After much work, I am now cutting again. Not sure about the [MAN] thing, but I re downloaded everything and changed the post processing program and now things are working again at normal speed. I took a small section of the letters and started cutting again hoping to replicate things, this time I took the cut depth down to 0.03 in. It seemed to cut pretty evenly at a variety of locations (although not extreme variation). So I took a chance and put the full spectrum of letters back up for the Maslow. This time I watched the Z axis carefully during the first hour of cutting and noticed that the Z axis reading fluctuated between -1.17 and -1.29, so my first thought was software. However as I observed the actual cutting in comparison with the Z axis reading, I notice similar depth readings from the software, but very different actual cutting depths. I stopped the Maslow a couple of times in areas where the cuts were either way shallow or even non existent and realized that something was off with my sled or my weight distribution on the sled, or the location of my x and y motors. For my normal deep thru cuts when making signs or simple 2-d cuts, there doesn’t seem to be any problem, but when I need to do the really detailed engraving, I am seeing the problem. I welcome any thoughts, but I think I need to study things about my sled, weights etc.

A little bit of swarf in and around the cut or a very slight variation in the thickness or not sitting hard to the base board will also cause your depth to vary .I have had this happen when cutting ACM .