CNC Z Axis Cutting Issues


I have been a long time shadow reader, first time poster. I am having two distinct issues with my maslow cnc setup.

For reference, I am using Fusion 360 and followed this g-code guide to set up a custom nameplate sign which contains a cursive (l) and (e) that have a section that needs to be cut out from the main contour.

The two main problems I have are:

  1. When cutting out the inner of the letter (l) and (e) it does not lift the bit high enough to clear the other letters.

  2. When starting the first cut, it pulls the z axis too high, and 30 seconds later it tries to plunge the z axis all the day, “torpedo’s be damned.”

What I have done:

Every time I go to cut, I manually zero the z-axis to ensure the bit is level with the bottom of the sled. Still does funky things.

The first time I tried to create the G-Code from Fusion 360, I selected the main nameplate as a 2d contour and the inner letter cuts as a 2d contour for it to cut out. And it didn’t help. Then I did two different g-codes, with the insides of the letters being pocket cuts, and it didn’t gouge the letters as bad, but still did…

At this point I am out of ways to figure this out! I really want to upgrade to the M2 kit, but can’t justify the cost if I can’t get this figured out!

Any suggestions of what I am doing wrong?