Maslow not cutting exactly vertical or horizontal

Have my Maslow with final sled and calibrated. Tried a test cut of a simple series of horizontal and vertical lines. None of the lines are vertical or horizontal when I put a level, I am guess they are about 5-8 degrees out. I am using Vectric CAD/CAM software. Any thoughts are welcome.

If the dimensions entered are not correct, what should be horizontal and
vertical lines will be curves (except that at the very center, that should
always be straight)

so depending on where you were doing your tests, you may be seeing part of a
curve, not an tilted line

if a vertical cut in the center is angled, then your top beam is probably angled

David Lang

Thank you dlang, I appreciate the quick response. I will check to see if the top beam is angled. That would be a quick fix. Thanks again.

checked the top beam, it was level (check both with level and tape measure). I looked closer at the previous cuts and noticed 1/4 in down for what should have been horizontal and 1/4 to left for what should have been vertical. Just for fun, i went ahead and lowered the right side of the top beam by 1/4 inch, just in case. Did another cut and got the same 1/4 variance. I am using Vectric software for both CAM and CAD. when I exported g-code, there was not a selection for Maslow (there were selections for a million other CNCs), wondering if post-processing could be contributing. Just a novice guess.

After reading more on the forums, maybe I will look at my chain linkage connection point at the sled, maybe I am off, just taking a shot, but will try tomorrow.

Hi Dlang, Thanks again for your help. I studied my set up procedures based on other forums and realized that I calibrated incorrectly. I started over and now things are cutting straight.