Having test cut issues

My wife and I recently received our Maslow kit. We began building it today and have encountered an issue with our calibration. We even completely restarted the calibration step by step again, but when we get to the test cut steps, everytime the cut differences between the horizontal and vertical cuts get further and further away from each other. We started about 10mm apart and by the 5th rerun they were over 100mm different and the sled was about to run off the plywood. We have recalibrated our chains multiple times. Nothing has helped with the accuracy. We are using the Rigid router. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are very frustrated. Thanks in advance.

It would be helpful if you could share the results of the calibration. You can find it in ground control settings. You should be able to see the calibrated results of your machine dimensions. You can measure each of these physically for a sanity check. ie, if your motor spacing measures 3000 mm but, ground control shows 2000.

Next, please share which GC version you are using as well as the firmware.

Any information about your frame would also help. If this is the standard maslow frame, you should be able to take the basic measurements and be much closer then 100 mm with those.

@WIBL925, do you think one of the chains might be jumping a tooth during the the cutting step? It happens very quickly, but if you see the chain riding up on the teeth as the sprocket turns it might be an indication.
I’m re-running the cal steps on my rig now to see if experience the same issue. Were there any other glitches or ‘funnies’ during the earlier steps?

Also, what is the initial distance you are measuring? It should be in the neighborhood of 600mm. Sometime people are measuring the wrong thing to start with.

I’ve completed the calibration here using version 0.82 GC and firmware. It seems like we may be chasing a mechanical issue rather than a software one.
You find that the calibration cuts four marks each time, yes? The upper left part of the pattern is a vertical line, stepped about 20mm to the right and down a bit each time the pattern is run. The upper right cutmarks are right angles, again stairstepping down by about 15mm to 20mm, and the lower right marks are horizontal lines. Each pair of cut marks should be in the range of 590mm to 610mm apart after the first run, and the software uses about 90% of the difference between your actual measurements to refine the parameter it’s adjusting, zeroing toward 600mm or so. It ends when the horizontal and vertical measurements are within a half a millimeter of each other.
Sorry to get so windy!
Don’t give up, we all want to see you calibrated and cutting!

Hello everyone! Thanks for replying to us. We got up early this morning and started over from step 1 on the calibration again and decided we must have just been really tired last night trying to finish it up and we were evidently transposing the horizontal and vertical measurements in ground control. This would account for why the measurements got further apart instead of closer. When we corrected this, the measurements came out exactly the same by the second test cut. Let’s just chalk this up to a rookie mistake. We are cutting our final frame parts as we speak. Thanks again for your replies!


That’s great news - may you make many wood chips👍!