Maslow Plasma Cutter

anyone have any luck with getting a plasma cutter to work using the maslow?

I have seen that there has been some features added to the firmware and software that would make it possible, just wondering if anyone has gone ahead and put in the work to get it done?

It’s not likely that you’ll be able to make it into a plasma cutter, electrical noise and arc control will be very difficult to solve.

However, if you do keep us informed. I’d like one, for sure

This is currently something that i have plans on giving a go, currently designing the frame to give it a go.
Even if it don’t work ill end up with a good strong stiff frame made from steel.
Once I get under way with my build ill start a thread.


Faraday cage over the sled and plasma cutting torch??

It would be a lot easier to shield the motors, cables and controller…

I am very interested to find out more if you or anyone else has tried to turn a maslow into a plasma cutter? Is it even possible? I think a plasma cutter more or less has to be on a flat horizontal plane so the plasma just falls away as the cutting process happens. Also the metal piece being cut usually falls into a water tray for catching and cooling. I understand the maslow is usually up on a vertical angle and requires gravity to position the cutting tool. This could cause some melted metal (dross) to build up on the bottom side of the cut. You always get some dross even when cutting on a horizontal plane but not much and it usually just chips or grinds off. Is there anyone attempting a plasma cutter or better yet have one working??

Anything going on with this plasma attempt ?

not yet :disappointed: have been too busy with other work to even get my maslow out of the box yet… and now ski season is here i doubt i will have a chance till September or October (unless the snow doesn’t hold out). But i have figured out the plans and bought the materials