Plasma cutter adapter

can the maslow be adapted to use a plasma cutter

This has been asked before but I do not believe anyone has done so. Use the forum search tool for ‘plasma’…

great idea, I’ve never tried this but after some thought you would need a few considerations:

  • frame and sled should be metal, plasma cutters cause lots of heat and sparks
  • soil board would need to be metal and like that of an upright CNC plasma or water jet (metal grate)
  • plasma cutter needs extended cable for large XY movements
  • burrs created by plasma cutter might mess with sled motion

what else?

You could be the first!

There’s a lot of problems to solve with torch control and electrical noise, plus the whole fire burns plywood thing. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy plasma cutter this isn’t it. It you’re looking for an interesting moderate term project to design a Maslow based plasma cutter it could be, but expect to spend a lot of time, effort, frustration, and money to get there. If that’s your thing have at it!

Otherwise climbing up the mountain to consult the great Oracle of Giggle should find better kits. Check out the Crossfire, for example