Multi Use frame build

So… I got my Maslow in the first batch of non kickstarter Maslows. But up until now it hasn’t had any progress made on getting it built. That changed this weekend.

So a long time ago when i first saw the Maslow I thought… “wonder if that could be used with a plasma cutter” and when I asked on the forums people said “unsafe”, “electrical interference”, “fire” and probably some other things as to why no one has tried it (to my knowledge).

Well here goes nothing. I plan to first get it up and running using a “router” for some wood and try a plasma cutter once I know it works.

So… progress so far:


And the build continues:


Cool. Not sure the electronics can support keeping the plasma torch at the perfect distance for best cut.

Found this build interesting

aluminumwelder -> for that you just need a THC :

pyrosrock -> I would be delighted to read your progresses

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what is your plan for a sled? a 1/2" thick steel circle 14 diameter weighs about 15 lbs. the edges could be ground down to a 45 degree and you can put a sheet of PTFE (teflon) on the bottom, for smoothness. I use a ptfe sleeve on my tig torch 3" away from the end and it last about a year. I think the UV light is what finally makes it crumble more than the temperature. using black PTFE would help in thsi regard. or maybe a ring of PTFe on bottom so it has a few seconds to cool before the plastic glides over it.

At this stage the sled for the plasma cutter is not what im worried about, I need to design a stand for the bed next and figure out how high/long I need to make my top bar.
I also need to figure out my props for the material to sit on.

I have been trying to figure out if there is a good way of making the bed rotatable so it can be laid flat so I could easily fork a sheet of steel on if it is just me in the workshop. Possibly using something like a bottle jack like found on an engine crane.