Maslow plotter, or getting used to Maslow without spoiling wood

Caveat - I haven’t tested this yet. It looks like I’ll need to remove the router to make it fit but look feasible. I also rescaled the pen holder down by 1% so as to make it a little easier to screw into the mount.

I’ve adjusted to fit:

  1. Sharpie Mini -
  2. Spring -

Maslow_Sharpie_holder.stl (380.5 KB)

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I don’t have mini Sharpies, so I could be wrong, but it seems like the Chinese markers I use are very similar in dimensions.
To fit them under the router, I have to cut them a little shorter, about 1cm. Then, I fill the end with a bit of hot glue.


Nice work!

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Perfect, thanks. Yeah, I’d already expected to have to shorten the Mini. I’ll try to print the mount this weekend. If post if any mods are needed

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