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Maslow Steel Frame Design

So I’m preparing to build a new Maslow from 2" x 2" Steel Box Tubing, which I will weld together. I have incorporated in the design a materials rack In the back and plan to weld on wheels so it can be moved easily. The tie bars will be pinned in place so the frame can be disassembled if I need to move it. It will have a 10’ top beam and 3/4 MDF Waste Board. Let me know what you think. Maslow Steel Frame Drawing v1.pdf (104.0 KB)

2x2 is over kill 1.5" or maybe even 1" is fine.
if you must do 2x2 use .063 or .083 wall anything thicker will just make it ridiculously heavy.

I think most people never really need the entier 8’ length and if that is the case one is better off with a higher top bar say 25 or 30" tall. try bolting it mostly together with tube nuts, use it and if it works well weld it up. never weld a frame 100% because after you use it a while you will find things you want to change.

If we are being honest, a metal frame for a Maslow is Overkill in general. I went with 2" tubing for multiple reasons mainly for ease of measurement. I already have a complete Maslow here that is wood framed, I am essentially copying that frame and adding storage, so I want it strong. Also there is room to move the work area up and down on the frame thus adjusting the height of the top bar.

why not use aluminum? plenty rigid and alot lighter…

I’m also looking to build a metal frame from steel square tube. My current design will use 1.5” square tube. I’m currently waiting on my order of tubing. As for me, I went steel over aluminum because:

1 - it was $3 per ft vs $1.40 per ft
2 - I have a mig welder for steel and not aluminum

My justification for metal vs wood frame is mine will spend most of its life “outdoors” under a side shed, so it may occasionally get wet from rain and will experience a lot of temp/humidity cycles. I figured the less effects of that I have messing with my calibration the better off I’ll be.


put the electronics in an electricans waterproof pvc conduit type box perhaps.

That’s a good thought! I was thinking of just draping a tarp over it when I wasn’t using it :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, simple answer is I don’t have access to a Tig Welder. :wink:

I decided to build my new frame in metal to eliminate the possibility of twisting and warping of the frame as my wood built machine already has the top beam ratchet strapped straight from warping. Also the large spaces in the back of the frame are materials racks, should be able to slide all my off cuts into the smaller spots and full sheets in the back.

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Say Hello to MASSIVELOW !!

This is the finished product with some minor alterations to the original plans. Strong , Rigid and Ready to make some chips.

I Love My Maslow!