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Maslow to move around a smaller ridgid gantry style unit?

I’ve been kicking around a concept in my head and wanted to toss it out for consideration.

Rather than trying to make the existing Maslow concept do everything, what if some of the most innovative aspects of the Maslow were mated to some of the best CNC concepts from the gantry world?

Use the Maslow style concept to accurately move a small ridgid CNC router, like say a 12" x 12" gantry style “sled” around the 4x8 sheet, but do all the cutting on the very small and rigid traditional machine. (Maybe even 6"x6"?) So you get the vertical model/small footprint (for a 4x8 capable machine), you get the big work area but you could also potentially get excellent rigidity and accuracy from the more traditional CNC sled.

As another upside, the slower repositioning of the sled by the maslow can be offset by more rapid feeds and speeds once you reach the target area and start the cut. Of course the big question becomes, how do you stabilize the sled, but perhaps the 4 motor maslow is the answer there?

I’m just blue-skying here. But I’m guessing making a rigid gantry at a small enough footprint can be done quite easily and inexpensively compared to running over large distances?

Anyway, lots of elements to discuss and consider, I just wanted to throw it out there as it was an off-the-wall idea that was percolating and I thought it was worth sharing.


the accuracy issues with the maslow are due to the two-motor angled drive.
Anything that keeps that is going to suffer the same accuracy problems, adding a
gantry won’t help (in fact, the problem of the gantry racking under the uneven
drive forces could cause more problems)

the maslow speed can be increased significantly by using bigger motors and more
poweful drive chips, but that’s a cost thing (it may be that there is room for a
cheap, $500 maslow, and a faster $1000 maslow, but time will have to tell on

size does make a difference in the difficulty of making things accurate, the
error you get from the clearances in the chain are much more significant when
you are talking 500 links (~3000mm) vs 50 links (300mm)

I don’t understand what you mean by a ‘gantry style sled’ to move around the

David Lang