Maslow4: Config file (maslow.yaml)


Pull requests are always very welcome.

I’m happy to give an explanation for how any of the bits of code work or the history for why something works the way that it does.

another quick question here… it looks to me like in the arduino code that this is read in essentially at “startup time” and is not written to other than a user uploading it, so a restart is required when the file changes. If the UI were to have settings for this, would you want it to remain as a config file or could we have this startup code read another file to get the calibration settings, and allow the ui to save/and re-populate the file and the Masolw object with the settings? I’m very new to reading the codebase, so I’m probably suggesting something that won’t work well after initialization. we could also have whatever dialog or widget does the settings save to the file and restart the system too…

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I think you are spot on. I’ve been thinking about the same thing. I think that we probably will need to move our config settings out of the .yaml file. There are other settings (for example your wifi network name and password) which are stored persistently and not in the .yaml file.

The down side to doing thing that way is that we lose the ability to have multiple files for different frames, but I think that we can probably find another way to solve that issue.

note that the UI does give you the options for changing these config settings
that are in the file, but it sounds as if there is no way to save the changes.

unfortunantly I’m about 400 miles away from my machine right now, so I can’t
check it.

David Lang

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OK, good clue. you can actually save these with the command $CD=/maslow.yaml - would be trivial to add a “save” button to that panel to send that command… I will do that and put in a PR maybe tomorrow. Downside is that it wipes out my comments in the yaml file, but I think that is probably ok, c’est la vie.

I would like to inspect this panel a bit and maybe make one that just has the maslow settings on it and can be annotated with what they mean, but I’m thinking that may take more time than I’m likely to have this weekend.

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you can have it put a canned blurb at the beginning or end of the file pretty
easily. That’s not as good as having the comments intermingled, but better than

and if you really want to, you can have the same check for known variables,
write those with the appropriate comments, and the put any other variables after
that. but that’s a lot more work for marginal improvement over just having
documentation at the beginning.

and the documentaton could even just be a link to open a web page of docs in
another tab.

David Lang

WOAH!! That is a HUGE find! Great work!!

From there I don’t think the comments are so important because ideally 99.99% of users will never need to actually look inside the .yaml file. I was sure that we couldn’t save it. This is why more eyes are always better.

Splendid!! :pray:

Here’s the new button and a little blurb (see Add a save to config items panel by ronlawrence3 · Pull Request #12 · BarbourSmith/ESP3D-WEBUI · GitHub)

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The json format doesn’t support comments at all. I have heard of json setups where they include comments as extra string variables in the json structure. If you really want the comments, you could probably do something like that in the yaml file.

Yea, for the maslow version of this software, I’m thinking I can just put the comments in as tooltips for the config items on the fluidNC tab, maybe a little ? icon that when you click it it tells you what the setting is for.


That would be INCREDIBLE. That way nobody needs to go digging through the user manual to find it.

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sent a PR for this.

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