Maslow4: Config file (maslow.yaml)

Is there a definition of what all the Maslow keys in the yaml file are and what they mean?

For example,
Maslow_vertical: true # (is this portrait landscape or flat vs inclined? I assume flat vs inclined?)

#is this the offset from the main cutting area to the side of the frame?
Maslow_calibration_offset_X: 500
Maslow_calibration_offset_Y: 500

Maslow_calibration_size_X: 10
Maslow_calibration_size_Y: 9

tl? tr? bl? br? what are they all?

Maslow_tlX: -27.6
Maslow_tlY: 2064.9

Maslow_trX: 2924.3
Maslow_trY: 2066.5

Maslow_blX: 0
Maslow_blY: 0

Maslow_brX: 2953.2
Maslow_brY: 0

Maslow_tlZ: 144
Maslow_trZ: 97
Maslow_blZ: 75
Maslow_brZ: 117


Maslow_Retract_Current_Threshold: 1300
Maslow_Calibration_Current_Threshold: 1300

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Great question. Let me update the user guide to explain those more clearly and I’ll send a link.

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Thanks Bar. As an aside, my day job is doing full stack development. I am looking at the code / repos now and I’m hoping to be able to help with some improvements in all my free time, lol.

Maybe we can do some of this in the ui at some point?


I couldn’t agree more…what I just wrote for the intro section:

Let me know if you want some guidance in jumping into the code. Parts of it are good, parts of it need work, parts of it were a good first approximation but need to be refined. Jumping into a foreign code base can be confusing, but if you want details on how something is done I am way more than happy to walk through it together.

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I’ve added an about the maslow.yaml file section to the bottom of the user guide here: User Guide — Maslow

Let me know if I am missing things :grinning:

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Thanks, I think that is a great change and makes it pretty straightforward to know what to change.

Sufficient for most users… I always want more info on what the names mean, but I surmise that tl is top left, br is bottom right, etc. I assume to this means of the frame and not the spoilboard / working area? also orientation means being upright or on the floor not portrait or landscape, which I’ll assume is defined by the shape of tl, tr, br, bl coordinates. Let me know if I have that right.

I appreciate you, thanks!

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You are 100% correct, but I will make it more clear in the text. Any thoughts on how I could word it better or show it better in pictures?

So honestly, if the yaml supports comments (#), I’d just put a comment in the yaml describing what each thing means… but that may confuse people too. I don’t know generally if people know what # comments mean in yaml :slight_smile: .

Also maybe a comment link to the original file in github. I’ve already reset mine to that once. (FluidNC/FluidNC/data/maslow.yaml at Maslow-Main · BarbourSmith/FluidNC · GitHub)

example of comments:

# is the maslow on a stand vertically (true) or on a flat surface (false)
Maslow_vertical: true

Maslow_calibration_offset_X: 500
Maslow_calibration_offset_Y: 500
Maslow_calibration_size_X: 10
Maslow_calibration_size_Y: 9

# define the frame. Bottom left is 0,0 and top right is WxH (millimeters)
# Top left corner of frame in x,y millimeters:
Maslow_tlX: 0
Maslow_tlY: 3658

# Top right corner of frame in x,y millimeters:
Maslow_trX: 2438
Maslow_trY: 3658
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Right?! It does not :pensive:

Or at least I couldn’t find a format that didn’t break things. Are those comments working for you? Let me know if anyone else knows how do to it.

actually, yes. I uploaded that file with the comments and things did not break. I’ll reboot, and re-download the file to make sure I am correct.

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Brilliant! I don’t know what I did wrong when I was trying it, but I will add comments to the default file.

yep the example I have above did load fine and I got no errors from it that I can see. I’m not fully set up yet as you know from my other post…


Do you by any chance feel comfortable making a pull request on github with comments?

No worries if not, I just wanted to give you the honor if you want your name on it. If not I’ll put some comments in there and things will be better for everyone. Great catch!


sure. will do tonight.


Done. YAML config comments by ronlawrence3 · Pull Request #82 · BarbourSmith/FluidNC · GitHub


I’m taking you up on your offer to help me get started.

So I forked your fork of ESP3D-WEBUI (Masolw-Main) and FluidCNC (Maslow-Main) and poked around a bit. I more or less think I understand where things are for maslow, but I’d like to make a couple simple changes locally to make sure I get how to go from idea to code I can run…

I’d like to get set up with a dev environment that can produce a new distribution (index.html.gz, firmware.bin, maslow.yaml) to use on my device for testing changes before I dare to PR anything real :slight_smile:

I tried just using npm i and then gulp and get errors minifying, so I’m guessing you have another build process for the index.html.gz.

Did I miss somewhere instructions on building things (probably) or could you take a few minutes to just give me a punchlist of steps to take to build the 3 files in the release from source? Its fine if its terse… I can usually figure out from clues.

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I can absolutely help with that.

Maslow.yaml is easy…it’s just a text file so no build needed :grinning:

For the index.html.gz file I run the command gulp package -en within the main repo for the ESP3D-WEBUI and that should generate a new index.html.gz file.

For the the firmware.bin file you will need to install Visual Studio Code and with the Platform IO plugin. Once you have PlatformIO installed it should automatically install all the rest of the packages that you need to compile and build the firmware.

At that point pressing this little arrow will automatically compile the firmware and upload it to your machine over wifi (it’s pretty sweet).

If you actually want to generate a .bin file you can run the script in there, but you don’t really ever need to generate one most of the time.

Let me know if you get stuck anywhere!

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OK, great. I have and use vscode and platformio from some stuff I was doing with some ESP32 dev I was playing around with. I will try this when I get home tonight, thanks Bar!

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Worked like a CHARM. Thanks again. hopefully I have time to help with some things…

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