Maslow4 UI code

Just wondering if there is a way to run the Web UI from a computer and emulate the machine, so we can develop the UI code separately while we wait for the machine. I’ve ordered a few ESP32s to test on, but they’ll still be a while to get here. I think a development environment would be worth as it’ll make the bar lower for contributions.

I don’t know of an ESP32 emulator :confused: as far as I know it has to run on the ESP32 processor…but I love the enthusiasm.

Everything will be fully documented and presented nicely by the time we ship, but it’s a bit chaotic now so let me know if you have questions along the way.

What I have in mind is not full emulation, but just a server that implements the same API calls so we can test various situations.

Ah interesting…I also don’t know of a way to do that other than running it on an ESP32 directly