Max plunge rate for simulation

I’m looking to get accurate time estimates from Fusion360 simulation. The last value I’m uncertain on and want a sanity check for is the plunge rate I should be using.

Looks like the maxZRPM in the firmware is 12.6 (RPM?). And the default zDistPerRot is 3.17 (mm?). Does that mean, with the default zaxis setup (Rigid + stock motor), the plunge rate maxes out at 39.942mm / min (~1.57in/min)? Is my math correct?

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Experimentally, it seems to be taking ~19.3s to move 0.5in so that’s (60s/min / 19.3s)*.5in = 1.55 in/min = 39.37mm/min so I think my math is good.


I increased maxZRPM to 16 and measured that my sled could keep up. But I have 2,5mm zDistPerRot, so again that makes about 40mm/min.

Here is the design presentation of my Z axis.

So you’re using a different z-axis setup than the Rigid mount right?