Z axis troubles

I’m in the test cut part of calibration.
First test cut everything went normal. Then the next z axis was plunging when it was moving from home to first test cut. So I closed program and skipped back to test cut and it’s doing same thing. As sled was going to home position it was raising, then when it move up left to do first test cut it’s plunging.

Tried searching for fix on here but didn’t find anything.

Edit: noticed I don’t have most recent version of ground control, I will update that now.

Updating the firmware and GC could make a difference. Could you post the .nc fileyou’re running? Does the z axis respond as expected to the ‘Z Axis’ controls?

Yeah the controls worked fine. I updated firmware and it gave me a message about chain lengths with new update. Bit short of time so I’ll look into it more later tonight .

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