Mechanical Design File Location?

I am in the process of modeling my latest Maslow build and have been trying to consolidate the design files for it. I found the XY motor mount Brackets and sled designs on GitHub but I can’t seem to find any of the files for the ring assembly or Z-axis motor mount brackets. Any one out there know where they are?

EDIT #1:
I have found the files for the three main brackets (A, B, and C) but am still missing the ring as well as the V roller carriage bracket.

Edit #2:
I’ll figure it out. No further input required.

Gero, thanks for this.

I noticed that the various design file seem to be split up between two locations on GiHub (MaslowCNC and MaslowCommunityGarden). I ask as there doesn’t appear to be a way to get to the ABC brackets from the CG. I only found them by having a previous link to the MaslowCNC GitHub repository.

This link i found with the MaslowCommunityGarden. It does not host files, if you click ‘source’ it leads you to Git.

Correct, the souce link takes you to the GH repo for MaslowCommunityGarden.

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