FOUND: Looking for motor mount source

Does anyone here know where I could source the motor mounts used in the maslowCNC?

the metal parts are custom made by a local supplier, but they are pretty generic motor mount brackets, just angle iron cut to fit around the shaft with holes as needed for the motor you are using.

Found some compatible motor mounts. I added them to the DIY Mechanics BOM here.


Good spotting on the motor mounts! The link goes to the vendor’s home page - should we instead link directly to the mount?

Honestly thats not where I purchased mine from but I wanted to give people an longer term source rather than a flyby night ebay listing.

That’s an interesting source, they sell a gear motor vaguely like the Maslow without the encoder. I wonder if they could be talked into stocking the Maslow motors?
Shall I change that link in the wiki, or would you prefer that I leave it?

I would say leave it since the other sources arn’t linked directly.