Meerkat Jackalope Trophy Board

Hey all,

it’s been a while and although this new project is not groundbreaking, I still hope it’s entertaining to watch:

I tried to create a simple but nice-looking trophy board shape that I could cut with the Maslow CNC. Not being a hunter I was in need of a trophy though.

Luckily (for me at least) my plastic meerkat figurine had a bit of an accident the week before, so I welded a pair of wood-screw antlers and turned it into a sort of jackalope - a nicely weird-looking piece for my shop wall.

And to answer your most important question: Yes, I hurt myself. Again. On camera. :grin:

Picture-wise we have:


This Wolpertinger and the 0.5 spanner made my night. Thank you! :beers:

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Much obliged, Gero, much obliged! :smile:

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Looks great I just had one question. On the point on the bottom left looks like it has a chip in it, is that the wood chipping away or did the Maslow have issues and mess up. I have had the issue of the wood chipping before no judging just asking.

As far as I was able to see it during cutting, the chain jumped a bit at the point you mentioned. My chain angle is pretty high and I suspect that’s what caused it.

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