Dog Bone Carve Project

An interesting little project I recently completed for some ladies up the road from me.



Thank you

Are they cut from solid wood not plywood?

yes he uses guide rail system to cut solid wood projects. if we are lucky he might post photo of the process.

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I’ve experimented with carving a little, and I have run into issues with the sled lifting when plunging the v-bit. Do you mind me asking what bit and settings you’re using? Those all look really awesome!

I currently have everything torn apart to upgrade the z axis to a completely new setup and possibly convert the sled to a plexiglass thru the sled dust collection system. I will try to draw up a sketch of what I do. It is honestly about the most basic setup ever.


This it a quick explanation of what I do. Not my best work but I am at my day job and only had 15 mins to make a sketch for you.

Section A-A.pdf (4.9 KB)
General Layout.pdf (8.5 KB)


Very nice drawings :slight_smile: So is there a bit that you recommend?

I use a 60 degree 1/2” for letters and a 1/4” straight single flute for cutting the outside. I build stops and carve all the letters first take the piece off put the next on and carve letters. After all letters are made I put the piece back on and cut the profile. The stops keep it accurate within about 1/16” which is plenty for this job.

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