Kangaroo cutout for under mailbox

I cut this for an Australian friend to put under his mailbox. First thing I cut besides frame pieces for my Maslow

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Awesome! What a cool gift for a friend!

Too cute! It reminds me of those silhouettes of cowboys you see here in the midwest. (leaning up against barns or garages) They always freak me out a little until I figure out what they are. :smiley:


I’m more partial to moose silhouettes.


Great piece…this is what I want to use it for…How long did that take to cut and what thickness board?

I cut it out of 3/4" thick plywood and made cuts 1/8" down each pass (I have the z axis motor installed)
I didn’t time it exactly but I ran it pretty slow to be careful and I estimate it took about 1.5 hr

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Thank you for the reply. I notice that everything is pretty rounded off on the kangaroo…will this also do more intricate cuts if you use a smaller router blade?

Yeah the shape was drawn very rounded off in CAD. You can certainly cut more intricate cuts. Really only limited by the radius of your cutting bit. The smallest cutter I’ve used to date is 1/8" diameter so 1/16" radius.

Gotcha that’s good to know. Thank you! Have you cut out any other silohoutte pieces? I’d like to see them

no the only other real parts i’ve cut out are for the frame pieces and a mount for a computer no other silohouttes

Well I appreciate the chat! Good luck to ya!