Metal Maslow Sled owners... issues?

What: metalmaslow sled with the gantry z axis and metal ring. UHMW polyethylene channel on the bottom that is supposed to be “bent” into position on some square screw nuts.

Problem 1: The PE channel keeps twisting off or moving slightly so the right side of the sled lifts away from the cutting area and the router cutting mill is no longer normal to the surface. Looking for ideas or thoughts on things to try to make it better.

Attempted solution 1: I’ve tried heat forming it to the correct shape, but it won’t relax.

Attempted solution 2: I cut a 1/2" plywood metal sled liner for under the sled instead of the PE. It fills in from the routing cutout hole in a circle to the top, bottom, left and right edges with the sled corners hanging off. I find that the metal sled rocks unnecessarily since it is a small footbprint, though not much smaller than the metal sled, but significantly smaller than the 18" diameter wood sled recommended. The rocking lifts the back of the sled on the uphill pull and lifts on the downhill slide. It is possible the cutting load feed/speed is wrong, but I think it should not do that.

Possible solution 3: Having had a makermade jumpstart kit previously that was rock solid, the thought is that perhaps the rocking will stop if the chains are lowered (since sled rear is lifting and not top lifting when being pulled upward) and the plywood liner is 18"+ inches in diameter instead of 13"

Problem 2: Metal sled vacuum input is too small and many chips are “escaping” from the top. Looking for other ideas and options for good debris collection performance.

In all this, the good news is the system is cranking, but could be tuned and much better. Thanks for any input or thoughts.

Maybe lose the UHMW ring and buy the 3" UHMW tape for the bottom. I did 10mil but it doesn’t bend well over the edges, if I had to do it again i’d get the 5 mil.

Losing the UHMW ring would cause the metal maslow vacuum setup to not work. Maybe a vacuum shoe on thingiverse.

Or cut a channel in a plywood sled, mount to bottom of the metal sled to still use the original vacuum set up. Small Plexi glue/taped down with hole big enough for the chuck could help the chip escape. Although if you get a clog it would be a pain or fire hazard.

I didn’t describe well the 1/2" ply piece under the sled has a slot for the vacuum between the hose mount and the cutting area, but I’m planning to cut another piece that is significantly larger to stop the sled from tipping. I have a laser cut plexi piece with a hole just big enough for the collet bolt to get through on the under side of the metal sled, but probably should move it to the top so it will throw less stuff through the hole.

Looks like the Metal Maslow site has been down for a few weeks. Is he done selling kits?

Isn’t it to cold in Minnesota to be in the shop! Utah got a cold snap single digits all week. I got 2 heaters going in the garage buts it’s still cold!

yes, very cold, but stuff won’t cut itself…

I’m originally from Wisconsin. Winters in the Midwest can he brutal. My dad insulated half of the old barn for a wood shop and put in a wood stove. I’m jealous. Hopefully you have the same type of setup.

I insulated my garage a few years back and put in a storage loft in the rafters, but I share the garage with the cars, so today was cold when the door opened, but once closed again, a warm car actually brought up the temp. A propane tent heater can get it up to about 50 in there, so it isn’t terrible. Outside it was 5.


if you are going to use the plexi with the hole for the chuck to fit through, make sure you use a cut out for the button on the side (if you have one). The Meticulous Z is set up this way, and it helps a lot in catching “most” of the chips flying so the DC port can suck them up. I am away from my main computer, and the one here at work won’t let me access the repository where all the files are kept. Maybe you could look at them and see if you can make something work to fit the Metal Maslow?

As for the sled issue, maybe get a sheet of the UHMW (or similar - HDPE???) and cut it to fit the bottom of the sled. This ensures that the sled is supported on the edges by a flat sheet (similar idea to the ply you were trying), while also retaining the slick surface to ride on. Not sure if that is feasible or not, but just another thought.

I was thinking about sacrificing a 5 gal bucket walls then heatgunning to submission so it will lay flat…

That is always an option. Lord know how many of them 5 gal buckets I have sitting around the garage!! LOL :sweat_smile:

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I bought a couple of packs of those really thin plastic cutting boards - they’re HDPE.

Which is the only way I can get consistent flatness HDPE around here

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Were you able to find smooth cutting boards, all the ones I have found have texture.

Like the really flimsy ones I have in my camping bag… Good idea

this particular one is out of stock, but it should get you to other sellers of
similar sheets.

David Lang


heat pump??? they are really good these days

just pumping the heat from unreacted propane…

The ones I got do have a texture. But they are flat (as opposed to coercing a bucket into flatness), and the texture helps as a more slippery surface

OR make use of that heat, and cool your beer at the same time - like this guy: The jet powered beer cooler (