Square Metal Maslow Sled

Any know how to attach the white teflon to the bottom of the new square metal maslow sled? I was able to figure out the rest of the installation based on the photos, but I feel like I’m missing something.

My sled also appears to have a lot more holes and slots in it than the photos on the metal maslow website.

This guy figured it out.


I did and it took some effort, but it is a pretty cool setup once up and running. I’ve since added the ring to the sled and after adjusting the ring height and the beam offset, it is super stable… Just did a makerverse calibration video with that setup.

It’s a little tricky because the plastic is a “C” shape when you get it and you have to twist the plastic 90 degrees radially to a “U” shape. Once in a U shape it snaps on the 5 attachment points easily.

personally I just bend it cold a few inches at a time to the U shape. UMHW plastic can be bent by hand pretty easily. I have also heated it up in an oven to about 222 F and it can be thermoformed. or boil it in water makes it much more flexible.
I will have to make a video or think of a way to prebend this as it’s a common question. Might be able to use a pizza pan or other pot to bend plastic to a nice arc as well. In the future I might just use 3/8" pex piping (1/2" OD) because it is cheap (1/10 the cost) and easy to form. it would have to be drilled to attach and might wear out faster but should still last very long.

well, it was meant to be a universal plate, but honestly almost everyone just used the ring kit so next run we get laser cut we will get rid of linkage holes.

I’ve got it all together and ran calibration. 3mm calibration! Extremely well calibrated! I love those words

I’ve got my sled ring set at 3.25" from stock. This was the same height that the linkage was set to on the original metal maslow which worked fine. But with the square sled the bottom edge lifts when plunging the bit. I’ve got the C type Z axis with the Rigid Router on the square sled with the blue ring. Will raising the height fix my issue?

you want the height to be what causes the sled to hang straight, when the sled
has more weight near the workpiece, the clains will need to be lower.

if it’s pulling the bottom up as it pulls, that means the chain is too high.

David Lang

This makes it sound like the sled is too light. Do you mean during the plunge movement or when the bit is plunged and the sled is moving?

If when plunging, you can slow down the plunge. Your bit could be dull. How far are you plunging?

If it is lifting when the sled is moving, then dlang’s comment covers it.

I ended up lowering the chains 3.25" from the stock. That is 1 inch lower than the height of the motors. That did the trick. It is solidly balanced.