Might be a bug. v1.27

I like to pause and resume cuts if something isnt feeling right.

Today I paused because of a warp in wood and to change bits, and afterwards none of my motors would respond. I ended up unplugging all cables. Pushing all chips in on board. restarted board, and reattached all cables rebooted laptop and it finally worked.

I have not had it happen again. I dont know what went wrong. Ill repost if it happens again.

i did finish a quick little sign though in crappy luan wannabe board. Seriously stuff is garbage. But its what I had. it was protoype for a dnd game screen panel for my daughter.


Cool design!

Thanks for the feedback there is a potential bug there. We’ll keep an eye out for any similar occurrences. Let us know if it happens to you again, especially if you can find a series of actions which makes it happen every time.