Firmware 1.04, but GC 1.03?

I downloaded the latest firmware and ground control release (1.03). When I start up ground control it tells me that the firmware is 1.04.
Are they out of sync or have I done something wrong.

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Yes - you are out of sink but you can ignore the message and keep going.

Thank you

If you are manual Z, you’ll have buffer overflows until you move to GC 1.04.
If you have motorized Z, it’s not a problem.


1.04 also includes significant improvemetns to the triangular calibration

In general, you really want the two to match, and be on the latest version.

@bar or @dlang do you know when GC 1.04 will be released? Version 1.03 is the currently released version on github.

The release schedule is every two weeks, and 1.03 just came out last Wednesday. It has the great improvements that @dlang mentioned.
So far, 1.04 only differs from 1.03 in a change to the calibration sequence that gives you another chance to type in the measurement if the value you typed was wildly wrong.

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@blurfl thanks for that information. Based on @Bee’s advice I went ahead and recalibrated. Worked really well and finally got a project done. I made my frame using the ‘alternate’ frame as inspiration and have the Maslow in an unheated space that used to be a chicken house. Only -6C this weekend so not too cold.! :grinning:
Here’s a picture of my setup.


looks good, can you please share the results of your calibration (and if you can run the accuracy test, it would be nice to hear the results of that)