More Z axis issues

Hey everyone! Having an issue when running g-code on my z-axis. When calibrating, I was having an issue with how deep is was plunging. I would tell it 1 MM and it would plunge way deeper (I didn’t measure so I’m not sure how much). Did some reading and changed the z-axis pitch to -8 and it was very close to perfect.

I figured this solved the issue, but when I went to make my first cut, it plunged 15mm when the code says .2 in (~5mm). I’m not sure if this is an issue with the code or if I’ve done something wrong with the pitch.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

the orange ridgid r22002 router z axis is not reliable. at a minimum this needs to be done

or even better this

but honestly you are better off just buying or making a dedicated z axis. the kit sellers should really just say this up front, instead of new buyers having to learn through trial and error.