Z-axis question for Rigid 22002 router - software setting

I would like to see what some people have as their ground control setting for the length of raise/lower for one rotation of the z-axis of the Rigid router. I keep thinking mine is not quire right. I would just like to see what other people have theirs set too.

Sorry if this is in the wrong area.

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The Ridgid 22002 moves 3.175mm (.125" ) for each turn of the depth screw, and can be made pretty accurate.

Not sure what situation you’re seeing, but here are are some threads that might touch on it:



Thanks for the info. Just getting a little inconsistency movement at times. I have read most of those threads you posted and I am going to make some adjustments. Just want to make sure my software setting is correct also. I believe I may have made a typo. Will check after work.

Thanks, I really appreciate all the info and help.


Just as an update. I did have a typo in the setting. Also I was getting some drag from a burr on the router casing (I found where someone had a similar problem) Cleaned up the burr, readjusted the clamp and changed the setting. All seems to be good now on the Z moving correctly. Will get some more cuts in this weekend to verify.

Thanks again


:100::tada: good news, thanks for documenting the solutions for future travelers.