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Motor encoder question

It replaces the program the controller runs, but it does not wipe the memory holding the setting because the memory is a separate chip on the shield board. $RST=* is the command.

I’m an arduino newb. I’ll connect the board to my laptop and open the arduino program. Where to I type that command?

There is Arduino basics I’m the wiki. Use the serial monitor.

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Would the reset button on the board reset the shield memory?

That is a power reset

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Found it. Thanks @Orob

Unfortunately that didn’t do it. Same problem. Any other ideas, or is this board broken?

Are the two boards pressed together all the way? Are all connections in good.

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Yes. I even put a rubberband around the board and shield to make sure it stayed in place. The cables are all fully engaged.

What do you see when you run the Test Motors/Encoders command?